“Beats of the Week” feat. Dia Frampton’s ‘Red’

'Red' by dia frampton.
Dia Frampton’s album cover for ‘Red.’

Fans of The Voice may recognize Dia Frampton as the bubbly pop singer with a bob. Working under the guidance of coach Blake Shelton, Frampton eventually came in as runner-up. She debuted her first original song, “Inventing Shadows,” on the 2011 season finale. Frampton followed up with her debut album, Red, later that year. Her latest album, Bruises, came out on March 3, 2017.

Red gives the listener glimpses of different stories; each song weaves its own endearing little tale. Some are sweet dialogues on everyday life, some are love stories, and some are pumped with an air of mystery. But all of them are about people. Frampton has an uncanny ability to sum up the intricacies and complex nature of different human beings, framing each person in a beautiful way.

Some highlights from this charming collection of tales include:

  • Isabella: Through an ambiguous description of a neighbor, Frampton spins a tale of a girl named “Isabella,” who she urges to “run away.” In a blog, Frampton revealed that “Isabella” is about her four younger sisters who were stuck in the middle of their parents’ divorce. As the song unfolds, the listener learns that Isabella’s “mom and dad are straight up crazy.” Frampton tilts into certain words, giving them extreme emphasis and creating an intriguing lilting pattern.
  • The Broken Ones: This heartbreakingly beautiful song is all about taking care of others.The chorus introduces the theme, “I can’t help it, I love the broken ones, the ones who need the most patching up.” She goes on to reveal how her own loneliness has made her reach out to others. “Maybe I see a part of me in them…hungry for a home. No, you’re not alone.”
  • Good Boy: This one reminds me of “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People. Both songs tackle paralyzingly serious topics through upbeat, almost cheery tunes. Frampton once explained that this one is about a story she heard about a group of young boys being molested. “Kid, you’re such an easy target, without a rebel bone. You’re so compliant, quiet as a stepping stone.”
  • Daniel: This song about lost love is so personal, it almost feels too intimate to listen to. Frampton explained in her blog that the lyrics are straight out of her diary. It’s about the aches that come with regret. “You couldn’t fit inside my suitcase and I didn’t wanna be slowed down. Sometimes I wish I could turn the clock around.”
  • Homeless: This playful ditty captures those goofy, nonsensical thoughts that happen in the throes of falling in love. “Red, yellow, red, green, traffic in the city reflects in your eyes….everywhere we go is home, baby, home.”

You can download the album on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play.

By: Bailey Ford

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