Carly Rae Jepsen & the Gimmie Love Tour

Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Gimmie Love Tour.'On Friday, March 18, we made our way to Mr. Smalls Theatre, a small venue located outside Pittsburgh to see the one and only Carly Rae (Slay) Jepsen. The name should ring a bell, but if not, “Call Me Maybe” might ring your telephone.  The Gimmie Love Tour is promoting her latest and greatest album, Emotion.

Best Pop Album of 2015: ‘Emotion’

It has been dubbed as the ‘Best Pop Album of the Year in 2015,’ but even that statement is an understatement. Emotion is, from beginning to end, everything we search for in a pop album and a real 80s throwback (please step aside Taylor Swift). However, it’s a shame that it did not reach commercial, mainstream success (No. 16 on the Billboard 200).

As the lights went down, the smoke machines started pumping like it was the set of Thriller. Jepsen strutted out to stage to singing her saxophone-soaked love song, “Run Away With Me,” and you can bet that we did. Jepsen stole our hearts not only with her presence, but her vocal talent. She may not have a set of pipes like Mariah Carey, but you can be sure that Jepsen creates songs that give her the outlet to shine.

Highlight of the Show: “Your Type”

The moment when she really stole the show was with “Your Type,” which is undoubtedly the best song off the album. Besides catching the attention of our ears, the song pulled at our heart strings. “I break all the rules for you. Break my heart and start again. I’m the type of girl you call more than a friend.” With the discotheque synths, 80s guitars and neon lights, you could mistake Jepsen’s stage as the set for Saturday Night Fever. Overall, the song really showcases who Carly is: a singer-songwriter who has passion, talent and loves to tell stories.

Throughout the evening, Jepsen revealed an extensive, but worthwhile 21-song set. Perhaps her biggest response with the crowd was with ‘Call Me Maybe’ followed by her collaboration with Owl City, “Good Time.” In terms of fan engagement, the singer-songwriter kept the crowd moving (or maybe it was the alcohol). Either way, her songs diffuse a kind of magic that not only compels you to dance, but to fall in love with the stranger standing next to you. Plus, we even heard a new single (“Fever”) from her upcoming album!

Overall, this concert proved Jepsen is more than a one-hit wonder. Although she may not have as memorable of a radio hits as “Call Me Maybe,” she has created a consistent fanbase that will carry her throughout the remainder of her career.

Check out Jepsen on the Gimmie Love Tour as it continues across the country. You might just find yourself in more places than one. Grab a pair of tickets here!

By: Logan Foster

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