My Spirit Animal: Britney Spears

That headline is not clickbait; I promise I’ll get to the Britney portion in a bit.

From Small Town to Big City

It has been quite some time since I’ve blogged on Applaud Squad. For those that don’t know, I graduated college, got a job in Broadway advertising at a company called AKA, and moved to New York City. Crazy, right? It has honestly been an amazing, yet challenging experience. Everyone says you don’t get your dream job after you graduate, but I guess I got lucky. But it’s more than being lucky. I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am and I’m very proud of myself.

After several months of interviews, I finally got the call in the heat of summer in the upstairs room at Pressed Coffee bar at Youngstown State University. It was one of those life moments that felt like fight-or-flight but in a good way. When offered the job, there a was brief moment where I paused and thought to myself. I mean, your entire life you work up to these big moments and then there it is, standing right in front of you. Though saying yes would mean my entire life would change, I was ready for it.

In just three weeks, I moved from Ohio to New York. It was a fresh opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff I didn’t need anymore and start brand new. Since I’ve moved, I’ve had the pleasure of working on some eye-opening projects. At the same time, however, there is always a price to be paid. The leap from comfortable to uncomfortable was a big one. And how could it not? I quickly I found myself struggling to file health insurance, paying off student loans, making new friends, and coming to terms with the stressful transition into an entry-level role in agency life. And I still am! But pressure makes diamonds.

Five months have passed since I’ve started working at AKA and I’ve started to feel more at ease and myself. In fact, I have started to learn how to cook, I’m back to writing (as you can tell), I explore the city, and I bought a gym membership!

Beware, this gym membership is no fad or New Year’s resolution; it’s a personal movement. Since exercising, I’ve noticed I’m more attentive to details, I’m not as emotional, and I feel more confident. Working out isn’t a new thing for me, as I ran cross country in high school and ran regularly throughout college. The past few days at the gym, however, have been wonderful. Is it because I’ve been listening to Britney Spears? I listen to her in cycles, as one should with all the pop stars but she has really been giving me a great work out.

Living Like Godney

So, without further ado, I’m happy to announce BRITNEY SPEARS IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL. Before running on the treadmill, I pulled up her kimono-infused, dance remix performance of Toxic during the 2011 Femme Fatale Tour. Immediately when I started, my stamina was up 100% and I ran my first mile in 6:50 minutes. BAM! This aside, Britney has been shit on by the general public countless times, but she persists. And persists. And persists. She has sold millions of records, made millions off her Vegas residency (which was voted the top show in the city), and is now planning a worldwide tour of that residency. Additionally, her Britney Jean anthem “Work Bxxch,” continues to inspire millions across the nation with its call to work hard until you have all the pleasures life has to offer. She is LIVING.

In many ways, we are not like Britney, but in some ways we are. We reach points of great success, we fall down or have explosive meltdowns, and then we get back up. We show the world what we’re made of. But when I say she’s my spirit animal, I say that because she inspires me to stay fit, give my best every day, and keep my head up. Brit might not be the most talented vocalist ever, but she keeps on living her life to the fullest, as we all should. That’s what I love most about her. She inspires me to keep on dancing until the world ends.

Note: This article is different than what I’ve written for Applaud Squad articles but I really needed to write again and so here we are.

By: Logan Foster

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