Meet the Squad

Logan Foster

Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Owner and Editor-in-Chief of the Applaud Squad.

Logan is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University (BW), who majored in Marketing and Arts Management with a minor in Theatre. He has always had a passion for theatre and music, and strives to use creativity in all parts of his work.

In his last year of schooling, he created the Applaud Squad, a website comprised of reviews and op-ed pieces for theatre and music. “There aren’t many sites I go to that have a combination of reviews for theatre and music, so I decided to make my own.” The Applaud Squad, which includes a small team of individuals, aims to create conversations about the artists who color our world and encourage people – both young and old – to become patrons of the arts.

Bailey Ford


Bailey Ford, a contributor to the Applaud Squad.

Bailey is a sophomore at Baldwin Wallace University majoring in Arts Management & Entrepreneurship with a minor in Theatre. She grew up in Kalamazoo, MI, a city with a deep appreciation for art and culture. “My hometown is incredibly involved in the arts. A passion for theatre has been with me since I took my first theatre class at 5 years old.” Her love of theatre opened her eyes to the world of cabaret and concert performance, a medium which she says fascinates her endlessly. She also runs her own blog, Letters to Broadway, where she interviews women who are making an impact on New York City’s theatre and cabaret scene. “I want to introduce people to artists they have yet to discover.”

Robby Dougher


Robby is a recent college graduate residing in Connecticut where he works in a quantitative field aimed at mitigating risk. He first fell in love with theatre at the age of 14 and still considers it to be his greatest passion. Theatre is important to Robby because it is the means through which he makes sense of his own life as well as the world around him. His most cherished theatrical experience is the afternoon he spent in 2011 taking in the Broadway revival of the musical Follies, the themes of which continue to resonate with him in new and unexpected ways as he is gradually introduced to the implications of choices that must be made in life. Through writing about his future theatrical experiences, it is hope that he will be playing his part to spark conversation surrounding his favorite art form.

Melissa Levine


Melissa Levine, Applaud Squad

Melissa is a spunky Leo currently in her junior year at Baldwin Wallace university, where she studies arts management with minors in theatre and accounting. She hopes to someday become the managing director of a small community theatre. Her belief that art changes lives (and possibly her deep passion for forcing her opinions on others) have brought her to Applaud Squad, where she looks forward to introducing individuals to new and unique theatrical experiences.

Melissa is a strong supporter of “the Squad’s” mission of inspiring interest in the arts. Her own interest the arts began with piano lessons at age of six, and it quickly became a passion (much to the chagrin of her father, who was very disappointed she didn’t inherit the baseball gene). When she’s not studying or exploring the local theater scene, Melissa enjoys watching crime dramas, eating pizza and fighting the patriarchy.