About Us


We are dedicated to sharing our excitement for the work that enriches our lives. Through discussion of theatre, music and concerts, we aspire to educate, entertain and encourage our audience to contribute to the conversation, thereby applauding the artists who color our world.


We value artistic works and we want to share them with you.

Theatre: One of the major components of our mission, our theatre reviews spotlight productions performed across the country. Reviews include critiques of college, regional and Broadway theatre.

Albums: Another major component of our mission includes our reviews of music. Although pop music may be one of our specialities, we embrace and review all types of music.

Concerts: Concerts, a showcase of music, are our other subject for reviews, and includes information relevant to the show and the touring album.


Head backstage and see what lies behind the curtain.

The “Backstage Banter” section of our website serves to inform our audience about the latest entertainment news and announcements. In addition, we also compose op-ed pieces, which feature our commentary on topics related to theatre and music.


Two Words: Squad Goals.

We have a small team of individuals who work on the reviews for Applaud Squad. Not only are these individuals experienced with theatre, music and other aspects of the arts, but they are collaborative, driven and passionate about sharing their excitement with you! Meet the team, here!


We accept all types of fan mail.

For comments, suggestions or media inquiries, please contact us via email at applaudsquadreviews@gmail.com